AMC History

In August of 1958, two veternarians, armed forces veterans, and friends established Animal Medical Center. Dr. Bill LaRue, Chanute Kansas native, and Dr. Don McReynolds, of Osborne County Kansas, wanted to open their own large and small animal practice in southeastern Kansas, after graduating from Kansas State University with Bachelor’s of Science and Doctors of Veterinary Medicine degrees in 1956.

Dr. La Rue focused on growing the small animal practice while Dr. McReynolds focused on growing the large animal practice. Through out the years they have continued to adapt to new technology including ultra sound, digital radiology, and surgical techniques. They have always been at the forefront of veterinary medicine only compared to Kansas State University.

AMC Present

Over the past 60 years many different doctors have practiced at Animal Medical Center, receptionist have progressed, and the high quality of care has remained intact. The high standards apply to every aspect of animal and owner care alike. AMC consistantly pursue continued education opportunities and trained professional and supportive staff to the highest degree.

AMC has 2 registered veterinarians on staff allowing exceptional services for all patients and clients. AMC’s veterinarians assures clients of quality emergency care, daily care, and offer a wider range of quality services without compromise.

AMC Future

On October 1, 2016, Dr. Vorhees purchased Animal Medical Center from Dr. McReynolds and Dr. LaRue’s family. Dr. Mc Reynolds retired December 31st 2018. Animal Medical center staff will continue to offer quality medical care and services under the new ownership.

In Memory of Dr. Bill LaRue

May 19th, 1932 – March 8th, 2015
Bill was a friend, father, brother, husband,community supporter, and veterinarian beloved by all.
Worlds Best Veterinarian

Cats and dogs, horses and cows,
Maybe even a couple of sows;
In my office, or on the road.
“Care for animals”- that’s my code.

When they’re sick, or hurt or old,
I treat them in the rain and cold;
A purr, a wag, a lick, a moo,
That’s their “thanks” for what I do!
~ Unknown Author